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All I’m seeing is gangster-era inspiration…

A lost puppy shooting Kings in NYC



Parentmor- Requested by 

Welcome to the Moran-Moriarty household where dinner consists of great deserts, and casual conversations about murder methods. 

Seriously, I didn’t know how much I wanted this. This is too perfect. 



calling all math nerds who happen to be ben c fans: watch this video which explains the enigma machine and how it works and how important alan turing was during the war in preparation for the imitation game

Wow. Interesting stuff. There is a second video here about the flaw with the enigma machine and and explanation of Turing’s Bombe machine. Great stuff.


"Oh, say you like his jeans."

Simon’s face in the second gif, the way he looks uselessly to Kieren for approval,
is my everything.



US version

The Imitation Game - Official Trailer - The Weinstein Company



simon looking at kieren like


My best fucking friend everyone. bustybarnes


And a lot, like always. ;)

LMAO!! I love you! My best friend & her oh-so-interesting late night Twitter feed, y’all, youstillhaveitmychippedcup.

Also, if you’re a follower/we’re in a mutual & I didn’t tag you into that DragonCon meetup post & you are, in fact, going to DragonCon:

1: I’m soooooo sorry
2: Either message me & tell me I forgot you (see #1) & I’ll edit the post to tag you into it or reblog & tag yourself, whichever you want to do is completely up to you.

Also, I didn’t actually forget you. I just can’t keep track of who followed/follows me because I mention DragonCon.

Attention People Going to DragonCon!

I want to organize a get together for all of my followers/friends/generally awesome people who have things in common who are going to DragonCon so we can put faces to blog names! I’m thinking we can do this while eating some of THE best (and most reasonably priced) food to be had close to the Con at this awesome place called Metro Cafe. It’s in Peachtree Center, which is attached to 3 of the 5 host hotels and convenient to all of them as well as most of the overflow hotels.

Anywho, I’m tagging the people I know are going to Con or are atleast dropping by to see moi at Con (looking at you, Emma) to see if there’s any interest in this get together so we can start planning & try to get a head count and let Metro know how many people. Or we can start by meeting somewhere like the Peachtree Center food court and THEN head over to Metro Cafe. Maybe even converge on either my hotel room (at the Aloft) or somebody’s room and, depending on what day we decide on, either watch a fandom movie/TV show of the group’s choosing or the Masquerade if we meet in someone rooming at a host hotel on Sunday night.

(Also, this is an unofficial “OMG Lane is coming to DragonCon finally & it’s her birthday” for the-bucky-barnes *cheesy grin*)

So what say you the-bucky-barnes (I didn’t know who else from your group was coming, Lane, so I’m only tagging you?), home-in-your-heart, thebergeronprocess, @inaneenglish? ( youstillhaveitmychippedcup you don’t get a vote because, well, you’re going since you’re basically sticking with me/me & Jason the whole weekend, yeah?)

Discuss, reblog, answer this post, or send me an ask or email (if you know my email…if you’d like my email, send me an ask & I’ll be happy to send it to you). Feel free to reblog & tag other people you think would be interested in coming, ESPECIALLY if you live in the Atlanta area as I have a very good friend who just moved to Atlanta-metro with her husband & want to meet more ATL peeps.